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Gattimela 12 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Vaijayanti loses her sight


January 10, 2022

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On being attacked by Parmananda, Vaijayanti is rushed to the hospital and gets operated on and Vedanth and the others are shocked when she loses her sight.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Suhasini, Vedanth, Vikrant and Amulya visit the hospital to meet Vaijayanti. Vedanth and Amulya reassure a worried Vaijayanti and ask her to open her eyes. Vedanth gets confused when Vaijayanti asks about where he is standing. Later, Vedanth and the others are shocked when Vaijayanti states that she is unable to see anything due to her loss of vision.

In the previous episode, we saw Amulya rebuke Vedanth for treating her like his employee and demand where his belongings are kept. She gets angry when Vedanth starts laughing while she is rebuking him. Amulya recalls her promise of not arguing after the wedding and apologises to Vedanth and promises to never repeat her behaviour. Sarthak interrupts Vedanth when he tries to get romantic with Amulya. Later, Amulya is unable to stop blushing when Sarthak teases her and Vedanth.

At the office, Prajwal, the new employee hired by Vikrant, mocks Kanta when he tries to bully him. Vedanth rebukes Kanta when he asks Vaidehi to address Vedanth as per his post. Prajwal watches this and teases Kanta about it. At the hospital, Suhasini worries when Vaijayanti mumbles about Vaidehi in her semi-conscious state. When Vaidehi disturbs Vaijayanti, the hospital nurse rebukes her.

We also saw Vikrant introduce Prajwal to Vedanth. During a conversation in front of Vaidehi, Vedanth ends up talking about Vaijayanti’s accident. Vaidehi’s scared reaction surprises Vikrant and Vedanth. She comes up with a lie to avoid getting Vedanth and Vikrant suspicious of her. Later, Prajwal watches as Vaidehi questions Kanta about the hospital where Vaijayanti is admitted.

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