Gattimela 11 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Vikrant decides to check Suhasini’s phone

Vikrant decides to check Suhasini’s phone when Vedanth informs him that Amulya had called Suhasini and questions her when she refuses to hand over her phone.


October 9, 2021


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In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vedanth tells Suhasini that he answered a call on her phone and heard someone’s screaming and thinks that it may be Amulya. He redials the number from which she got the call and hears the goon on the other end talking to each other about retying Amulya to keep her quiet.

Vedanth calls Vikrant and Sarthak and tells them that Amulya had called Suhasini. Vikrant asks Suhasini to give him her phone to which she refuses. Later, Suhasini gets nervous when Vikrant asks her the reason for not giving her phone and if she is hiding something from them.

In the previous episode, we saw Parimala faint due to shock on learning about Amulya being kidnapped so close to her wedding day. Dhruva promises a worried Parimala that he and his brothers will bring Amulya back home and see to it that she gets married to Vedanth, no matter the cost.

Elsewhere, Vedanth’s mother tries to think of a way to help Amulya and in doing so gets her hands on the phone of Suhasini’s goon. Unknowingly she redials Suhasini’s number and prays that someone comes to her and Amulya’s aid. Meanwhile, Vaijayanti and Vikrant start to suspect Suhasini when she gets continuous calls which she states are marketing calls.

We also saw Suhasini pretend to be upset about Vedanth and try to reassure him. Vedanth answers a call on Suhasini’s phone when she rushes to bring water for him. Furthermore, he unknowingly talks to his birth mother and is shocked when she hears Amulya screaming in the background.

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