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Gattimela 10 January 2022 Upcoming Story: A Semi-Conscious Vaijayanti talks about Vaidehi


January 7, 2022

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In a semi-conscious state, Vaijayanti mumbles about her latest encounter with Vaidehi. Though these mumblings leave Vedanth confused, it leaves Suhasini in a state of worry.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, a semi-conscious Vaijayanti mumbles about having seen someone. Vedant gets confused on not being able to understand Vaijayanti’s mumbling, but this leaves Suhasini worried. Later, to stop her family from understanding Vaijayanti, Suhasini asks Vedanth, Vikrant and Amulya to step out of Vaijayanti’s room and to let her rest for some time.

In the previous episode, we saw Vaijayanti rush after Vaidehi and prays to be reunited with her. But at that moment, a person attacks Vaijayanti leaving her unconscious. Suhasini is stunned on seeing Vaijayanti’s condition and calls out to Vedanth. Furthermore, Vedanth, Vikrant and Amulya are shocked on seeing Vaijayanti and rush her to the hospital. While leaving with her children, Suhasini is shocked when Parmananda calls out to her.

Suhasini is shocked when Parmananda reveals that it was him who attacked Vaijayanti as he saw her rushing behind Vaidehi. This news leaves Suhasini worried and Parmananda offers to help her capture Vaidehi. Meanwhile, Vaidehi returns to the party and wonders about her family’s whereabouts as she is unable to locate them at the party.

We also saw Amulya reassure Vedanth when he worries about Vaijayanti, who is being operated on at that moment. When Suhasini arrives at the hospital, Amulya questions her about the reason behind the delay in her arrival. Amulya grows suspicious of Suhasini on hearing her strange response. Later, Suhasini, along with Vedanth and Amulya, visit Vaijayanti in the hospital. Suhasini gets worried when Vaijayanti starts mumbling about having seen someone in her semi-conscious state.

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