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Friendship Day 2020: Ashutosh Patki-Tejashri Pradhan And 5 Other Co-Stars Who Are Besties!

Ankita Tiwari

July 24, 2020

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Ashutosh Patki-Tejashri Pradhan, Tejas Barve-Amruta Dhongade are some of the onscreen co-stars who have struck up uncanny but adorable friendships!

Friendship Day 2020 is being celebrated on 30th July this year. The day is an ode to the classic bond of friendship. When the family and the entire world turn their backs upon us, friends stay. They stick with us through thick and thin. Friends are also the people we choose to stay with on our will. There are thousands of stories, films, and poems woven around this bond of friendship. But none are better than real friendships! Zee Marathi actors have often formed strong friendships when they work together. There are some exceptional bonds that have formed out of co-stars. Read on to find out!

Watch an episode of Mrs Mukhyamantri here.

1. Tejas Barve – Amruta Dhongade

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Samar and Summi from Mrs Mukhyamantri are the cutest young couple on television. The powerful couple is winning on the reel as well as in real life! Tejas Barve and Amruta Dhongade often click selfies together. They also appear in each other’s stories and live sessions! What is more, is that the duo also clicks pictures of each other for Instagram! A perfect friend clicks your perfect pictures!

2. Ashutosh Patki – Tejashri Pradhan

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Ashutosh Patki and Tejashri Pradhan are each other’s cheerleaders. While Shubhra and Soham of Agga Bai Sasubai are not getting along onscreen, in real life, they are well in sync! They often shower each other with praises and hurl flying kisses through social media. Ashutosh and Shubhra also have a spectacular range of similar interests!

3. Abhijeet Khandkekar – Anita Date

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Anita Date and Abhijeet Khandkekar have been co-stars for a long time now! They both respect each other and are very caring towards each other. Once at an event, where both Abhijeet and Anita were present, Abhijeet helped Anita reach her place and he even waited until she left to make sure she was safe. How adorable!

4. Virajas Kulkarni- Gautami Deshpande

Virajas Kuklarni Gautami Deshpande
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Virajas Kulkarni and Gautami Deshpande share a very cute camaraderie, the duo is often spotted playing pranks on each other. They play the role of Sai and Aditya, soon-to-be a couple on the show Maza Hoshil Na. But in real life, Gautami and Virajas have known each other for years!

5. Adwait Dadarkar – Ruchira Jadhav

Adwait Dadarkar Ruchira Jadhav
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Adwait Dadarkar and Ruchira Jadhav, Saumitra and Maya from Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, play onscreen besties and this dynamic has traveled to the real dimension too. The duo shares an interest in lip-sync and dances short-length videos. They also perform jokes and funny dialogues. A perfect besties pair, don’t you agree?

Comment below your favorite onscreen co-star jodi who are best friends in real life!

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