Excelling fatherhood in style, Dwayne Johnson takes daughters for fun pool party

In the photo that has dented the Instagram world since morning, Dwayne Johnson is captured holding his daughters rolled perfectly in towels


September 17, 2021


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Every now and then, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is the talk of the town. Popular in Hollywood and the entire world as ‘The Rock’, the professional wrestler cum actor is known for handing over celebrity goals to his admirers. The big beast, whom no one would dare to tease, now appears to be enjoying pool ride with what he calls, ‘two tornados.’

Dwayne Johnson, in his latest Instagram post, can be seen having a lovely time with his two little daughters, who are holding him with firm love. As per the background setting and the caption shared by Dwayne Johnson, the Scorpion King is taking his two beautiful princesses to his home side pool for a funny bath party.

From fitness to styling, from acting to wrestling, the 10-times WWE world champion has a strong fan base all across the world. Today morning, he again became the breaking news. But this time, for his fatherly love that he showered on his daughters.

In the photo that has dented the Instagram world since morning, Dwayne is captured from his back. The responsible and diligent father has got his daughters rolled perfectly in towels. Nonetheless, the two little girls are fondly posing for a perfect father-daughter photoshoot, while the Rock is naturally showcasing his extraordinary physique and an astonishing jawline.

However, what made the fan go crazy, is not the pool setting of Hollywood Hunk’s house or his pool party attire. Rather, it’s the hashtag that has been trending the most. Dwayne Johnson used #2tornadosandabeast, with two tornadoes being a direct reference to his daughters Jasmine and Tiana. As far as the Beast is concerned, fans don’t require any clue to identify what it refers to.

Not The First Time

This isn’t the first time fans are seeing a soft and family side of the 45-year-old actor. One of the busiest and highest-earning superstars, Dwayne Johnson is known for being a great family man. And even in the rush and engaging hours of his professional schedule, the caring hunk still manages to spend a lively and lovely time with his loved ones.

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