Differently Abled Woman From Nashik Becomes Sarpanch Of Two Villages; Watch

Kavita Bhonwade, a differently-abled woman from Nashik, has become the sarpanch of two villages. Currently, she is gearing up to start her second tenure as the sarpanch. While Kavita prepares for the second term, let’s get to know her background and how she managed to deal with all the odds.

Many inspiring people across the country have proved that being differently-abled is not a disadvantage. Sudha Chandran, Ravindra Jain, Girish Sharma and H Ramakrishnan, are a few to name, who not only overcame their disabilities but also excelled in various fields. Introducing another such story, which can inspire many, it comes from the city of Maharastra, Nashik, where a differently-abled woman became the Sarpanch of two villages, Dahegaon and Waglud.

The 34-year-old Kavita Bhondwe has proved that she will not let her physical disability to stop her from serving the people of two villages in Dindori Taluka, Nashik district. Sharing her story, Bhowande says that since she was physically challenged, people use to make fun of her. She recalled people use to tell her that if she can’t take care of herself, how would she be able to take care of the village. Sharing her mantra to deal with such criticism, Bhowande shares that she never paid attention to them. Giving credit to her family, Bhondwe also shared that her brother and father used to drop her at the office and pick her up. She also mentioned that many did not like the fact that she became Sarpanch at the young age of 25 years.

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Interestingly, Bhondwe’s father Pundalik Bhondwe has been a Gram Panchayat member for 15 years. However, he started facing difficulties due to lack of education. Later, in 2011, he advised his daughter to contest the election.

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Kavita Bhowande, who is all set to step in the shoes of a Sarpanch for her second tenure, she helped construct houses for the poor along with common toilets, ensured regular water supply and facilitated the building of concrete roads, infrastructure, during her first tenure. On the other hand, she established two self-help groups in both the villages. She has been constantly working to make the villagers’ lives better in all ways by creating awareness for women’s education and standing up against illegal practices in the region. The success of women’s like Kavita, who defy all the odds, are inspiring and motivating.

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