Dark 7 White: 5 Reasons This Political Drama Needs To Be On Your Watch-List

Dark 7 White is a brand new ZEE5 Original revenge drama that will keep you hooked. But a bold claim is not enough. Here are 5 reasons this thriller needs to be on your watch list.

Tanvi Dhote

December 30, 2020

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Dark 7 White is an upcoming ZEE5 Original that circles around a high profile murder case. This revenge drama revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh. Surprisingly, CM Singh’s closest family and friends are the prime suspects. If you are still convinced by this synopsis, given below are 5 reasons why Dark 7 White should be the next show you binge on.

1. Star cast

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Dark 7 White has many new faces as part of its star cast. But its leading star cast consists of Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, and Jatin Sarna. These actors not new in the digital space and have earned a name for themselves through their past projects. Moreover, their roles in Dark 7 White shows them in a never-seen-before avatar.

2. Intriguing story

As mentioned earlier, Dark 7 White revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh. But this high profile murder mystery gets more interesting as his college friends, his fiancée, and his father are the prime suspects in this case. Each and every suspect seems to have had a motive to commit this crime.

3. Music

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This upcoming ZEE5 Original has witnessed quite a few trailers and promos. All of these promos and trailers have one thing in common, an impressive background score. These promos have added to the anticipation around the Dark 7 White album and complete soundtrack.

4. Two timelines

Dark 7 White definitely has an intriguing plot, but it gets much better. This Sumeet Vyas starrer web series is set in two timelines. The first timeline represents Yudi’s college days and his rivalries and friendships. While the second timeline is set in the present and focuses on Yudi’s murder investigation.

5. Jatin Sarna vs Sumeet Vyas

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As mentioned earlier, Dark 7 White consist of many critically acclaimed actors. But this ZEE5 Original is going to be a special treat for Jatin and Sumeet’s fans. Since the two have never shared screen space together. Moreover, both Jatin and Sumeet are playing major roles in the web series hence the two will be definitely competing when it comes to their performances.

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