Daler Mehndi Sheds Light On Popularising Bhangra Music In The Hindi Film Industry

Daler Mehndi recently opened up about his journey so far and how various things have let him grow over the years. Here is a look at what he had to say about his global popularity.

Daler Mehndi recently opened up about his journey as a Punjabi singer as he has played a crucial role in bringing Bhangra music to the mainstream Hindi film industry. He recently released a new single named Ishq Nachawe, which has been created with a combination of 165 musical instruments. In a recent candid interaction, the popular singer spoke about his music background and how he worked hard to reach the position that he is at today. Daler Mehndi also finds himself lucky that he has a steady and strong fan-base across the country and people around the globe also recognize his work and enjoy his music. The popular musician has been in the music industry since 1995 and has presented various film industries with upbeat and groovy music.

Here is a look at Daler Mehndi’s recent interaction regarding his career graph and his rise to fame in the Hindi film industry:

Daler Mehndi is one of the most recognized and appreciated artists of the Punjabi music industry who has also made a space for himself in Bollywood. He is a global icon who has presented the world with various Bhangra hits like Tunak Tunak and Bolo Tara Rara, amongst others. In the video attached above, Daler Mehndi can be seen getting candid about his career so far while also stressing on the music he has created for various Bollywood films. He also announced that he has been working on various projects lately and is planning to release a fresh song in every two months.

Daler Mehndi said that he is a one-man army who divides his attention across the various aspects of his music. He creates the rhythm, tuning, and other parts of the song while also developing on the design and music video by himself. The renowned artists also added that he always wanted his work to be unique and different from others. He has always been very particular about making distinct music which does not resemble Bollywood, south music industry or even western style. He wanted his music to stand out and also looked at other music industries as a challenge.

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Daler Mehndi added that Punjabi music is quite famous in various parts of London and he wanted to challenge the tunes that were created there. In the video, he has also mentioned that his musical knowledge did not come to him overnight. His base is a mix of various classical and Gazal music forms and he has been greatly inspired by legendary artists like Rana Patiala and Baba Sheikh Farid, amongst others.

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