Comali: The time leap in the film puts humanity in perspective, here’s how

From realising that four rupees are no longer adequate to learning that everything has changed, some of your perspectives are in for a recheck, with Comali. Watch on ZEE5.

Although Gen-Z might not realise it, the society has changed more than one could imagine, in the last two decades. A lot of people, over the course of these two decades, have had major changes in their respective lives. Under normal circumstances, the protagonist of Comali, Ravi, played by Jayaram, would have had a similar trajectory where he would have finished his education and started earning. However, he goes into a coma for 16 years. What happens next is not just an adventure for Ravi and his friends but also is a roller coaster of realisation for the audience.

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In the trailer, we see that Ravi hands out mere four rupees to a shopkeeper and expects some change in return. The shopkeeper tells him that he himself has handed out change. At this point, we realise that over the course of just 16 years, inflation has taken over and there is a surge of at least twice the price that we paid just two decades back.  That sure makes us wonder if what we think to be a large sum today would be worth anything in two decades.

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Apart from this, when Ravi dresses up in the 90s, we realise that everyday fashion has drastically evolved from trends being cool in the 90s to non-existent in these days and laughable at best. It sure makes us wonder if what we are wearing today will become irrelevant, a few years down the line.

When Ravi exclaims that the country has become like America, Yogi Babu asks him if he knows what America has become. At this point, we are reminded of the development that the country has seen over the past two decades even without us realising that. From inflation to fashion, in the trailer itself, we have realised that so much has changed. This means that once we watch the movie, Comali would have put so many things into perspective for us.

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