A Natural Actor

Kajol is an actress who has robbed the hearts of her audience with her natural acting. She can slip into the skin of her character, be it negative or positive, and slay them like the pro she is. The actress has never conformed to the given beauty standards and is famous for her unibrow look and glamorous but comfortable clothes. The dusky beauty stands tall and firm in the Bollywood industry.

Kajol Was Going To Be Named Mercedes

Kajol’s father wanted to name her Mercedes as he loved Mercedes cars. He came to know that the owner of the Mercedes named the company after his daughter. He thought, if he can name his daughter Mercedes, then so can I.

Kajol’s parents had a huge fight over this when her mother firmly said that that’s not gonna happen ever. And Kajol is thankful for that.

The Devil In Disguise

Kajol was a very mischievous kid growing up. She was beaten up by her mother a lot by badminton rackets, utensils, chappals (flip flops) and even had things thrown at her. The effect of this treatment was short term, and she was back to her mischievous self.

Her father used to sing her the song “You look like an angel, you walk like an angel, you talk like an angel …but you’re a devil in disguise.”

Her mother, who called her Kads, used to tease her by saying that she hopes Kajol gets as naughty kids like her.

On Kajol’s thirteenth birthday, her mother told her that she was a teen now and would not hit her anymore unless necessary. Hearing that, Kajol was more responsible.

Wanted To Do A Regular Job

Kajol used to see her family, her mother, and grandfather engrossed in work. The tight schedule and the insecurity of income never appealed to her. She thought she would rather do a regular 9 to 5 job, get a regular income and live a stress-free life.

Ran Out of Boarding School

Kajol is a rapacious reader. She inherited the habit of reading from her mother and finds her heaven in books in her tough times. She read many Enid Blyton books of children having adventures and fun in their schools and secret clubs.

In hopes of living similar adventures, she insisted her parents get her into boarding school. She saw nothing that met her expectations in her first year only, and she felt extremely homesick. She even packed her bags and tried escaping in her second year, but they caught her.

In Movies Since Teenage

When she accompanied her cousin, Mayuri, for her portfolio shooting, Mickey asked her to get her portfolio done. Kajol conveyed disinterest. He then asked for permission from Tanuja, and she had no objection. They both somehow convinced her & got her pictures done. Kajol didn’t want to do a lot of work, so Mickey kept her unibrow which became her unique identity.

Those pictures then got her Bekhudi when she was sixteen and in school. She took the film, and it took a toll on her studies. It was a learning experience for Kajol working on her first film. Waking up at 04:00 AM, ironing her clothes, getting ready and going to set for shooting - was a learning experience that stays till date.

Kajol thinks it was her mistake to not finish her studies first before entering the industry. If she had, she feels maneuvering certain things would have been easier for her.

Getting Married At The Prime of Her Career

Kajol bitched about Ajay the moment she saw him. It is unknown to both how they got along with each other so well. She had an understanding with him which never made her demand any extravagant show of their love. Although both of them don’t interfere with each other’s work, Ajay had conveyed he doesn’t want to see her with SRK again in any movie soon after DDLJ.

Kajol was doing four to five films a year and was at the prime of her career. When she decided to marry Ajay, many disapproved, but she always did what she wanted.

People told her men do not fantasize about married women, and that can affect her career. A confident Kajol replied that she does not wish to be fantasized about but entertain people with her movies which she can do with her talent. And, She was right!

Had Two Miscarriages

She was pregnant when she shot for K3G and had a miscarriage. The movie did well, but it didn’t bring celebratory feelings to her. The second time she had a miscarriage, it broke her heart, and she decided to take a break to start a family. After the birth of Nysa, she is among the few who chose to stay back with her child at home to raise her and put her career on hold.

The Social Worker

Kajol has been awarded the Karamvir Pushkar Award, a global civilian honour handed by the UN. She received the award for her efforts towards social justice. She is a supporter of children’s education & is associated with NGOs like Shiksha. She is also the brand ambassador of Pratham and The Loomba Trust, which are organizations for child welfare.

Kajol is a spectacular actress in Bollywood, known for her chirpiness. She is an extrovert, speaking her mind and a non-conformist. Her contribution to the cinema till now is legendary, and it is a given that she will work in many more legendary films.


05 July 1974 (age46) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Active Years

1974 - Today
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