Bollywood Throwback: When Nargis Accused Rekha Of Being A Witch

Take a look at why Rekha was accused of witchcraft by Nargis Dutt during their initial career phases.

Actress Rekha is an ethereal beauty and an evergreen actress. She is immensely appreciated for her acting skills and commendable performances in Bollywood movies. However, apart from winning peoples’ hearts with her performance, Rekha has been one of the most controversial actresses in Bollywood. There have been several questions related to the actor that were raised ever since the time she had entered the industry but have always gone unanwered. While Rekha was never bothered by any kind of rumours, once she was called a ‘witch’ by actress Nargis Dutt.

During her film career, Rekha was often romantically attached to a married man. Her love affair with Amitabh Bachchan became one of the most popular talks of the town. The actor was also rumoured to be romantically involved with actors like Dharmendra, Raj Babbar, and  Jitendra. However, the actress was never bothered by the comments.

When Rekha was seen alongside Sunil Dutt in movies like Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jae and Naagin, her name was attached to Sunil Dutt’s name which led to his wife Nargis Dutt making personal comments on the actress.

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In an interview, Nargis shared her piece of mind about Rekha and said, “She used to give such signals to men that she could be easily available. In the eyes of some people, she is nothing less than a witch.’ Nargis had further said, ‘Many times I feel that I have begun to understand her. I have understood her problem. I have worked many times in my life with children who have psychological problems. She is a lost person. She needs a strong man”.

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Rekha was 22 years old when Nargis made such comments on her character. However, Rekha never gave a reply to Nargis; neither did she address any kind of rumours. Later, Rekha’s name was attached with Nargis Dutt’s son Sanjay Dutt after they were seen in a movie together.

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