Birthday Spl: 5 Best Scenes Of Bhavyashri Rai As Urmila Mahajan In The Hit Show Kamali

Bhavyashri Rai, prominently known as one of the villains, Urmila, on the show Kamali, celebrates her birthday today and here are her best scenes!

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November 18, 2019

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Born on 18th November, Bhavyashri Rai is an actress, who is well known for her work in Sandalwood films like Veerappa Nayaka (1999) and Kiccha (2003). After what seemed like a break for a long time, birthday girl Bhavyashree came to the silver screen and joined as one of the antagonists on Zee Kannada’s popular show Kamali.

She plays the feisty role of Urmila Mahajan, the (second) daughter-in-law of the Mahajan empire. Along with her mother Kamini and daughter Anika, they make the trio of antagonists and that too from the same family. Today on her birthday, we would like to revisit five of her recent best scenes where Bhavyashri displayed her acting prowess flawlessly.

Scene 1 – Urmila is furious when Chandru tears apart the ‘Power Of Attorney’ papers

Urmila Mahajan Best Scenes - 2
Source: ZEE5

After Kamini throws Kamali out of the house, Chandru finds her at the doorstep and brings her back in (this is after he finds out the truth that Kamali is his daughter). Urmila, who is showing off the ‘Power of Attorney’ papers, is in for a shock and lot of angst when Chandru casually takes the paper from her hand and explains to everyone what the document actually means. When he tears the form apart, Urmila is devastated. Watch what else happens in the episode here.

Scene 2 – When Kamini doesn’t respond to Urmila or Anika’s problems 

Urmila Mahajan Best Scenes - 1
Source: ZEE5

Even after Urmila tells her mother that Chandru could have said that his daughter is alive confidently only if he has met Gauri, Kamini doesn’t respond and lost in her own thought. To add to this, when Anika comes there and starts complaining about why she didn’t react to her dad’s statement (because Rishi was there), Kamini screams at both of them. In the end, this is how the two stand foolishly on the terrace. A wonderful scene of Urmila. You can watch the remaining episode by clicking here.

Scene 3 – When Chandru mistakes Urmila for Gauri in front of everyone

Urmila Mahajan Best Scenes - 3
Source: ZEE5

Kudos to Bhavyashri for this scene when everyone is thrilled about the Deepavali habba and Urmila goes to give an oil bath to Chandru. Somehow, Chandru goes into a trance and assumes that Urmila is Gauri and calls out to his love. A furious Urmila starts tearing up when everyone tells her it was a mistake and asks her to continue oiling Chandru. In a fit of rage, Urmila tells everyone to tell him to call the person’s name he just spoke (Gauri), to give him the oil bath and storms off. To know how this ended, watch the full episode here.

Scene 4 – When Anika questions Urmila about Chandru’s old photo that is ripped in half

Urmila Mahajan Best Scenes - 4
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Like someone forcing an old and bad memory back to her another one of the birthday girl’s best scenes when Urmila tries to avoid talking about Chandru’s first marriage. Despite Anika forcing her again and again, finally, Urmila stops her daughter mid-sentence and tells her that no matter what may have happened in her husband’s past he is happy with her and his current family. Just then, much to Urmila’s relief, Kamini comes there and that is the first time Anika finds out properly about ‘Gauri’. To watch the rest of the episode, click here.

Scene 5 – When Sadanand is brought back home and Kamini calls in for a team meeting

Urmila Mahajan Best Scenes - 5
Source: ZEE5

After Sadanand is saved by Kamali and Rishi and brought back home, Kamini gets furious at her plan failing and Kamali giving her an ultimatum and calls in for a team meeting after everyone is settled in. Urmila and Anika, who have no clue what is happening at first show nothing but boredom but when the former tries to console her mother, Kamini gets upset that they both didn’t support her when she needed. Watch the full episode here.

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