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Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash In A Conversation With Nishant Bhat Expresses Her State Of Mind


December 29, 2021

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In the recent episode of fans favorite reality show Bigg Boss 15, we all did see how the equations keep on changing as Tejasswi Prakash is seen having a conversation with her closest friend Nishant Bhat about this particular contestant

Audiences have been seeing a shift of power and change within the equations and dynamics concerning the connections and bonds of many people right from seeing many high points like Pratik and Nishant’s nasty fight because of Devoleena and then their patch up in the last week’s Weekend Ka Vaar special when they both decided to bury their hatchet and become best friends again which has made many tinsel town celebs, audiences and, the PraNish fans thrilled on social media. Then we also saw Umar and Rashami’s growing bonding with each other which is also making their love story more romantic and this slowly blooming love story is also getting loved by the fans who ship them both together as UmRash.

Lately, it looks like not all is well in between the best of friends Umar Riaz and Karan Kundrra, and their growing misunderstandings and especially Umar’s discomfort with Karan leaving him alone and isolated ever since he got together with Tejasswi as a couple was evident in the recent episode as it made him feel like only he has been there present for his best friend but when Umar needed, that moment Karan who claims to be his best friend was not there to support him in any of the tasks and this fact was made realized by Rashami to him which bothered him a lot and this has put a huge dent and crack in Umar and Karan’s friendship.

In the recent episode, we all saw that team red which comprised Karan, Tejasswi and Umar lost the snowman making task to the team green who performed this task by playing fair and ultimately won this task which meant that alongside Abhijit and Rashami, even Karan, Tejasswi and Umar have been nominated for the mid-week evictions this time and late at night when Karan, Tejasswi and Nishant were seen sitting together that moment Tejasswi initiated the conversation by saying that Umar is playing for Karan but she felt that he would play for her which he didn’t and also shared, ‘Jaise Hi Umar Ko Pata Chala Ke Wo Meri Priority Nahi Hai He Wanted To Play For Karan Which Is Fine’.

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