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Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal In A Heated Discord With Nishant Bhat Says; ‘Mere Life Ki Galti Thi Tere Se Dosti Karna’


December 24, 2021

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In the latest episode of fans favorite reality show Bigg Boss 15, we are going to see how Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat are seen having a big verbal spat with each other which ends up becoming more intense

The recent week’s episodes ever since the entry of five fiery wildcard entrants inside house has been full of emotional ups and downs wherein fans and audiences saw a vast and huge variety of emotions ranging in between new love birds inside house to the strongest couple having a nasty and verbal war of words between our beloved Karan and Tejasswi who initially had a biggest lover’s tiff in last week as well wherein we all had seen that despite Karan’s earnest and genuine efforts to calm down Tejasswi back then she couldn’t compose herself and ended up lashing out on him and then even Karan lost his temper on girlfriend Tejasswi and shouted in a loud and brute tone that had shocked all the contestants inside the house as they all had seen Karan’s anger for first time that too of this intensity besides him.

In the recent episode we all saw that once again this time as well, because of Rakhi Sawant, Devoleena and Pratik’s constant support wherein they all feel Rakhi’s decision was right but Karan felt that it was unfair as according to him Rakhi did unfair sanchalan of the recent fireball task in which it was clearly seen how Shamita Shetty had put this ball inside the dragon but Rakhi decided to play unfair and foul by cheating and saying that it was Devoleena’s hand that touched and not Shamita as she had put the ball inside but then she decided that Devoleena Bhattacharjee is correct and now just for safe said, we also saw how Karan and Tejasswi’s entire relationship is at stake and getting affected badly which has also made fans really hurt and sad.

Recently we also saw how the former best friends of Bigg Boss 15 house, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal also had been seen indulging into a war of words with each other in which both of them called each other with bad words, names and also liar and fake and now within the recent episode we saw that the former thickest bestfriends are again seen shouting on each other and during this conversation the explosive dialogue said by Pratik to Nishant is, ‘Mere Life Ki Galti Thi Tere Se Dosti Karna’.

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