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Bigg Boss 15: Fans Cheer Up Shamita Shetty On Social Media After She Falls Unconscious In A Task – READ TWEETS


December 2, 2021

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After witnessing an emotionally high voltage episode of Bigg Boss 15, netizens and fans cheer up their blue-eyed girl Shamita Shetty on social media as she fell unconscious after Devoleena Bhattacharjee shouted at her in a task

Since the moment Devoleena Bhattacharjee has entered the Bigg Boss house as a wildcard VIP contestant, fans have been seeing their ongoing tussle of words and also heated physical face-offs with each other that start with them verbally sparring and turning into a physically aggressive fight that both of them are ready to hurt each other but get stopped by other housemates and looks like right from her entry in the house, Devoleena has been constantly attacking Shamita Shetty and now resorted to verbal and physical violence just to prove her point right.

The non-VIP contestants got a golden chance to win prize money of Rs 50 lakhs by winning the BB Games which was a tournament having a series of tasks that got conducted in between VIPs and non-VIPs wherein non-VIPs had to go after their prize money, and the VIPs would do everything within their power to stop them from doing so. While Devoleena was the Sanchalak for VIPs in this task, and on other side, Shamita Shetty helmed this role for the non-VIP housemates team in this game.

But Devoleena played unfair and biased in the games which didn’t settle down well with Shamita and other NON VIP members and it was also seen how Devoleena ignored the fact that her VIP team was caught red-handed cheating and supported them all even after their wrongdoing and foul play in the game and when Devoleena played foul again in Polo task by saying it was a tie by declaring the score as 1 – 1, Shamita accepted that which resulted in Umar announcing that he is not going to do any housework or chores to entertain the VIPs from now on followed by Karan also agreeing to same and then in another task, we saw how Devoleena and Shamita fought brutally with each other verbally which escalated to an extent that Devoleena showed her true colors and shouted so hard at Shamita that she fainted and fell unconscious and Karan had to carry her to her bed in that condition to take care of her and witnessing all this, fans have been slamming Devoleena continuously and getting tensed for Shamita’s health.

A fan wrote how this season is so wrong on many levels and now it’s come to an extent of physical violence and Bigg Boss has turned a blind eye and is deaf and are the makers waiting for anyone to get injured severely and hospitalized.

Another fan mentioned how Rashami Desai and Devoleena are biggest hypocrites in the show right now and also added how both of them are so dumb enough to not see the mental health condition of a person as they have continued spewing shit for a long time against Shamita.

Another fan sounded worried and mentioned how she is praying for Shamita Shetty’s health now and has kept her fingers crossed that she has not been evicted and is also not speculating till anything gets confirmed.

Another fan expressing he opinion wrote how its sad and ironic that everytime Shamita is happy and her fans are also rejoicing for her, something bad and vile like this happens to her and also added how can God be so mean towards her and also added that may Shamita get well soon.

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