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Bhagya Lakshmi 22 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Will Lakshmi learn the truth about Rishi and Malishka?


October 27, 2021

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Rishi hides with Malishka when Lakshmi approaches. Will Lakshmi learn the truth about Rishi and Malishka? To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode, Veerendra reassures Gurucharan, who gets emotional on seeing Veerendra’s fatherly love for Lakshmi and how much he cares for her. Meanwhile, Karishma poisons Malishka’s mind against Lakshmi and they plot against her. Karishma plans to spoil Veerendra and Neelam’s anniversary cake. Later, Gurucharan blesses Rishi, but his words put him in dilemma. However, he reassures Gurucharan that he will always keep Lakshmi happy. As per her plan, Karishma throws the cake on the floor when Lakshmi goes to get it. Aghast, Lakshmi seeks Malishka’s help and, while trying to take her upstairs, she notices the love band on her wrist and gets shocked. She is immediately reminded of Gurucharan’s warning and Rishi’s words. But Rishi intervenes in time and smartly handles the situation by lying to Lakshmi. Later, when Lakshmi informs Rishi about the spoiled cake, he immediately calls his friend and asks him to arrange for a new cake in half an hour. Meanwhile, Karishma tries to pacify a furious Malishka and asks her to focus on the ceremony and act on their plan to insult Lakshmi before everyone. Malishka proceeds to execute her plan but once again, Rishi inadvertently comes to Lakshmi’s rescue. Just then, Neelam’s father arrives, leaving everyone delighted. However, Neelam gets upset when he mentions that it was Lakshmi who convinced him to come to the party and blesses her.

In the latest episode, Neelam’s father praises Rishi and Lakshmi’s dance, leaving Malishka furious. Later, Karishma, Sonia and Malishka get shocked when Lakshmi arrives with the anniversary cake. When the party ends, Lakshmi comes down the stairs and her voice catches Rishi and Malishka’s attention. Rishi immediately embraces Malishka and hides behind a narrow pillar. Will Lakshmi catch the duo?

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