Best of 2020: On-Screen Romantic Moments That Gave Us Reasons To #SpreadTheCheer This Year

From Bicchoo Ka Khel to Bebaakee – a look at best romantic on-screen moments on ZEE5 that gave a hope for Happy 2021.

With 2020 coming to an end, it’s time we make a note of all good things that happened this year. Talking about good content, ZEE5 has churned out a lot of quality content throughout the year. From mystery thrillers to romantic drama, ZEE5 offers you a variety in different genres and we suggest you add them to your watch list. peaking of romantic dramas. here’s a taking a look at some of the most romantic on-screen moments that kept us glued to our seats in 2020.

Akhil and Rashmi’s intimate moment – Bicchoo Ka Khel 

In Bicchoo Ka Khel, Rashmi who is in love with Bicchoo was getting engaged to someone else because of her father. Akhil meets her in the storeroom and they share some intimate moments. Besides their romantic scenes, their conversation was heartwarming.

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Rohan standing for Aarfa in front of his parents – Taish

In Taish, Aarfa comes to meet Rohan’s family and as they have dinner together During their meal, Aarfa is asked questions about her family and religion. Rohan’s parents also question her parenting. Rohan stands up and defends Aarfa by asking his parents to ask her about her work and skills and respect her instead.

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When Zoya interrupts Deep’s standup – Comedy Couple

In Comedy Couple, Deep and Zoya part ways after getting into a fight. Deep start performing alone on stage and fails miserably. Zoya interrupts one of Deep’s standups and comes on stage to perform with him. They sort out their differences and hug each other and become Comedy Couple once again.

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

Suraj and Tulsi’s ‘telephone and SMS vala’ romance – Suraj Pe Mangal Bhaari

Suraj and Tulsi fall in love with each other and eventually start talking in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhaari. Tulsi goes to a public PCO to call Suraj and stands there for hours while talking to him. Suraj also sends text messages to Tulsi.

suraj pe mangal bhari
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Anuj and Gauravi’s iconic kiss – Baarish Season 2

On Gaurvi’s birthday, Anuj gets late and brings her a birthday gift in Baarish Season 2. Gauravi tells him that she didn’t want a watch instead she wants his time. They end up arguing with each other and then Anuj kisses her. Later, Gauravi realises that it was just a dream.

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When Pooja and Blackie’s fight changes into romance – Khaali Peeli

Pooja and Blackie talk while standing on a bridge in Khaali Peeli. He scolds Pooja and she adores him. Blackie turns back to go away from her but Pooja pulls him and kisses him.

Khaali Peeli
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Bhaskar and Vaishnavi get close at Bhaskar’s house – Mum Bhai

In Mum Bhai, Bhaskar takes Vaishnavi to his house and they talk about the money he has kept hidden. Bhaskar tries to touch Vaishnavi but feels nervous. They later hug each other. Bhaskar tells her that he is not so good with girls, Vaishnavi laughs and lets it go.

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When Sufiyaan cleans Kainaat’s face with a tissue – Bebaakee

Sufiyaan and Kainat shared great chemistry in the show Bebaakee. From seeing them together to witnessing them falling apart, it was heartbreaking. In one of the scenes, Sufiyaan comes closer to Kainaat to wipe her face with a tissue and they share eye contact. Later, Sufiyaan leaves without saying anything.

Source: ZEE5

Neelam and Jamal’s first movie date – Bamfaad

Jamal is head over heels in love with Neelam in Bamfaad. The duo goes on a movie date where Jamal tries to hold Neelam’s hand but gets nervous. Later, Neelam helps him out and they sit holding hands.

Source: ZEE5

The football game between Sumer and Tanie – Never Kiss Your Best Friend

The football game between Sumer and Tanie is one of the highlights in Never Kiss Your Best Friend. The way Sumer holds Tanie during the game and the way they laugh together is a beautiful thing to witness.

A still from Never Kiss Your Best Friend
A still from Never Kiss Your Best Friend

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