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Bang Baang: Times When Lead Characters’ ‘Muffat’ Attitude Landed Them In Trouble

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February 6, 2021

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If you aren’t careful with your words, those may get used against you. Especially in a murder case. Here’s how the characters of Bang Baang will help you understand it.

Bang Baang has been kicking ass ever since its release with its action sequences, hot chemistry between its lead stars and its gripping storyline. Meera is a badass cop, she can fight and she can rock a bikini at the same time. Raghu is street-smart with an easy-going vibe who is more inquisitive than he lets on. While the story completely revolves around the murders that occur in the royal family of Udaipur, here are some moments when the characters slipped out important things that got them into sticky situations!

In the first  episode, after Meera’s entry as Rohan’s fiancee, when Rohan takes her to meet his family, Raja Sahab praises Meera’s glam avatar and tells her she’s looking like an absolute princess and that, “this palace feels like a palace and you’re making this old man feel like a king!”  Referring to his “old man” comment, Monisha, his much younger wife sarcastically asks him, “Really? Does that mean I make you feel old?” It’s an awkward yet hilarious moment!

When Ramona’s remains are uncovered and Jatin and Meera go to the palace to talk to the family, Rohan asks them, furiously, if there are any suspects. When the police officers don’t respond, Rohan brings up Raghu’s name with utmost ferocity and leaves Meera puzzled thereby prompting her to doubt him.

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Raghu drops in at Meera’s place when he arrives in Udaipur and a really hot moment ensues when they fight each other. Meera angrily lets him know that he is wanted for questioning and instead of feigning surprise or even fear, Raghu spots her engagement ring and only asks her if she’s engaged. This makes Meera more furious. She assumes that Raghu has not changed one bit since the last time she saw him.

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Tanya, who is a drunkard and Ajay’s neighbour witnesses his death and as a way of dealing with shock, starts drinking too much. She also does not want to be involved in the whole matter and hence chooses to stay mum. But when Meera finds her drunk in Ajay’s house, she says, “I don’t want to be involved in this murder at all.” This makes Meera understand that Tanya already knows about the murders and could be her star witness! Too bad for Tanya, because now Meera will get her involved in the case!

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In the second last episode, when Meera asks Rohan to help her decrypt Ramona’s laptop, Rohan is hesitant. He also informs Meera that he knows Ramona wrote his name with her blood before dying. While Meera had kept this information hidden from him, she starts suspecting and wondering how he knew about it.

To uncover the whole truth and understand who was the mastermind behind these killings, watch Bang Baang on ZEE5 today.


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