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Bang Baang: If Not Raghu, Here’s Who We Think Can Be The Masked Culprit

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January 26, 2021

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Here’s our take on who may be the one behind the black mask! Read on to understand more details about Bang Baang.

The new action-thriller, Bang Baang is the newest web series from ZEE5, boasting of a killer cast, great action sequences and a really tricky mystery. This mystery is of the hooded man and let us give you some background about it. Raghu (Faisal Shaikh) attended college at Udaipur where Ramona and Monisha Dhanraj also studied. Five years ago, at a college party, Ramona went missing. During this time Raghu went to the police academy, fell in love with Meera (Ruhi Singh) and even ended his relationship due to some misunderstanding. Now, Raghu is a man of the streets and Meera is a subinspector and Udaipur’s prince’s fiancee. However, these #HateMates are bound to cross the paths once again!

When the remains of Ramona Dhanraj, one of the members of the royal family, are uncovered, evidence points to Raghu as the lead suspect. While the police do their investigation, Raghu reaches Udaipur to investigate the whole matter himself. Anyone who Meera and Raghu suspect of having answers are killed off by a strange masked man. If we assume that Raghu is not the culprit, then the only people who come under the category of our ‘suspects’ are the ones belonging to the royal family. Here’s why we think so.

When Ramona faked her death to free herself from the royals, she must have been troubled or harassed enough to want to change her whole life. And hence, we think it must be one of the royals.

Rohan Dhanraj

While he is Meera’s fiance, he is rich and can be quite ill-tempered. When Raghu received a message on Ramona’s phone to meet at the place of the party five years ago, only Raghu and Meera had the relevant information and there’s no way for Rohan to have received it. After so many years, it is also weird how much he tries to pin the blame on Raghu with no evidence whatsoever. It almost sounds like Rohan wants Raghu to be the killer.


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Raja Dhanraj

The King seems to be the kind of dangerous person who could hire people to kill. We’re not saying that he is the masked man, but he definitely could be the one to get the killings done by the hands of someone else. What if Monisha and Ramona uncovered a royal mystery or some secret and their revelation would put his throne in danger?

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Shimona Dhanraj

Shimona is a sweet, young girl who usually makes sense all the time. She also likes Meera and supports her a lot. But when Meera takes her on a drive and she switches on the police siren, right around the servant quarters where Siddharth Mehra is living, we get a little suspicious. This little siren trick causes a huge car chasing sequence and even leads to a shootout. We also see Shimona’s real avatar, where she is a classic rude, rich girl who wants to have everything.

Well, we might be wrong but this is our list of suspects. To understand the final mystery, watch Bang Baang to see who the real masked culprit is, on ZEE5. 

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