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Bang Baang: 5 Quirky Habits Of Faisal Shaikh’s Raghu That Every Guy Will Relate To

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February 5, 2021

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Faisal Shaikh’s Raghu is charming, funny but he is also really quirky. Read to find out more!

Raghu or Raghav Parashar, played by Mr Faisu is the coolest character in Bang Baang, apart from Meera. He is stylish and suave and has a charm to him that sets him apart. If you loved Salman Khan’s character in Wanted or Hrithik Roshan’s character in Bang Bang, you will definitely love Raghu because he’s a blend of these personalities! Whenever there is a serious situation, trust Raghu to make a joke yet also be in control of the situation. He’s just that cool! But there are some quirky qualities of Raghu that are just adorable to watch!

He loves his hair!

He loves his hair so much that he always carries a comb in his pocket! He likes growing it out and keeps it well maintained so that it looks black, long and shiny. He doesn’t use his hands to sweep his hair out of his eyes and usually swings his neck with swag to do it! Also, if you touch his hair, he’ll fight you, so you better don’t!


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Pre-fight ritual

To pump himself up before a fight he usually does some push-ups! And when he’s done with it, he says Bang Baang and goes for the punch straight on. He likes to mimic his hero’s actions while fighting, it pumps him up even more!

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He loves to annoy Meera

Every time Meera tries to talk to him seriously, he always has to reply with a really funny answer! This always seems to annoy Meera and Raghu it to the core! When Meera tells him he is the prime suspect and is wanted for questioning, he asks her if she is really engaged! So it’s better if you never expect a straight answer from him.

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He’s a total adrenaline junkie


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He loves his fast bikes more than cars and is often seen riding around in ease. He doesn’t mind fast rides at all, especially during a chase! He can shoot and ride a bike and still stop the bad guys! He loves jumping around and doing stunts because it gives him a rush!

He always has some quirky to say

It doesn’t matter if the situation is grave or not, he always has some punchline up his sleeves. And he always has things under control. When Meera is fighting bad guys and Raghu shows up, late, he says, “Entry late hui toh kya hua? Solid honi chahiye.” Trust Raghu to say stuff like that between a fight!

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