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Are Some Star Kids Planning To Leave India Following The Arrest Of Aryan Khan? Here’s The Truth


October 14, 2021

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Reportedly, other star kids are planning to move abroad for a while as Aryan Khan’s arrest has shaken them all up. Should they be worried and how far are the reports true

Aryan Khan is a regular star kid who was usually private about his life. Aryan Khan was arrested around 10 days ago for his involvement with drugs on a cruise. Aryan and his friend, Arbaaz Merchant are both stuck in custody of the NCB and there has been a nationwide discussion about them. Bail looks like a distant dream for Aryan who is now moved to Arthur Road Jail with the other accused. His lawyer, Satish Maneshinde and his friend’s lawyer, Tariq K. Sayed are working together to get bail for the accused for the third time now.

With being produced three times, Aryan isn’t just getting his stroke of luck with his bail. NCB is yet back for Aryan Khan with his extended custody and ensuring that he isn’t released yet.

Shah Rukh Khan is putting in all his efforts to get his son out of this mess. He has the best legal team in this country and he is just working day and night to get his son out on bail. It has been tough for the Khan family and Aryan’s extended bail is just making things harder. Vikas Singh, who was the lawyer of actor Sushant Singh Rajput verified the fact that Aryan had no drugs in his possession and that his interrogation is unfair.

It is being reported that Aryan Khan and his friend, Arbaaz Merchant are not eating properly in jail. After entering Arthur Road, they both only rely on Parle-G biscuits the whole day from the canteen and are avoiding the jail food. The reason being, they wish to avoid visiting the jail toilet. The officers have reportedly asked them to eat whatever is provided. Aryan Khan now has only three bottles of water remaining out of the twelve that were sent to him.

Kamaal R. Khan, the celebrity news reporter, has tweeted about the matter claiming that according to his source, many celebrity kids are planning to leave the country after the arrest of Aryan Khan, fearing that they might face the same dilemma as him. However, nothing has been confirmed as yet.

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In the meantime, Shah Rukh Khan has maintained his silence and let the authorities do their job, while we are sure he and his family and friends are praying for all of this to end peacefully.

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