Aparajita Apu: As Apu’s father plans to marry her off, who will she now seek help from?

Apu’s father’s reaction to her job application was disturbing to say the least. We cannot help but wonder what she will do next.

Aparajita Apu stars Susmita Dey as Apu and Rohaan Bhattacharjee as Dipu in lead roles. Growing up in a conservative family, Apu faced a lot of patriarchy and gender bias from her parents. However, she never stopped dreaming big and working hard towards her goals. But recently, when she applied for a job examination, her father turned furious and announced he will wed her off to a man immediately.

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Apu’s struggles with her patriarchal family have been a constant in her life for years. Her parents, especially her father, believe that a woman is not supposed to pursue a career and that she belongs at home. So when her father found out about her plans to appear for a job application examination, the man was infuriated at the idea. Not only did he slap Apu in anger, but he also went to the extent of tearing up her admit card and throwing the pieces up in the air amid the argument. Next, Apu’s father declared that he will get Apu married to someone within the coming month.

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He created a huge ruckus in the house about her audacity to have applied for a job. Apu’s mother and brothers came rushing to check what was wrong too. When Apu tried to take a stand for herself, her father made it clear that he only enrolled her into school so she could be eligible to be wed off to a man one day. He emphasised on how he never wanted her to even attend college but she did so only out of her stubbornness. A helpless Apu was seen standing shocked and disturbed at her father’s words as tears rolled down her cheeks.

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Given how Apu’s father reacted, we are left wondering how Apu will tackle this problem. Being the strong and determined woman she is, Apu might find the strength within herself to find out a way to make it to the examination. But will she be allowed to appear for it without an admit card? Our anticipation for Apu is ever-increasing as a huge challenge approaches her now.

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