Ahead of Aniket-Manasi’s Wedding, Could Pahile Na Me Tula Become A Modern Re-telling Of Ramayana?

We think that Samar will stop at nothing to destroy Aniket and Manu’s marriage in Pahile Na Me Tula.

Zee Marathi’s newest love saga Pahile Na Me Tula which launched recently has already packed in enough drama as Manasi decides to marry Aniket so that no one can come between them. She convinces Aniket and her sister and with the hold of Aniket’s friend, they meet at a temple to get married. We have seen that Samar has involved himself in the matter of Manasi’s marriage and convinced her parents that he will find the right guy for her. In the coming episode spoilers, we have seen that Aniket and Manasi wedding happens without any hiccups. If this is true, then we think that the show could become a modern version of the epic, Ramayana.

Samar will obviously be Raavan and Aniket and Manasi will be the new Ram and Sita.

We know that Samar is rich, powerful and influential. He has also won the respect of Manu’s parents, who will definitely dislike Aniket after finding out the way their daughter got married to him. Samar could create more friction between Manasi’s family and Aniket. Her father already thinks his image is important. With his one daughter’s marriage already failed, he will not tolerate another daughter choosing the wrong path. Manu and Aniket could be thrown out from their houses, just the way Sita and Ram were banished from the kingdom of Ayodhya for 14 years and made to live in the forests.


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We think that Manasi’s life is about to get difficult as she enters her married life with Aniket because Samar will not give up. He does not seem like the kind of man to give up just because Manu is now married. Samar could either try to prove that their marriage is illegal and null or he could try to create a situation in which Manasi is lured into his own trap.

In the promos, we had seen how Manasi wanted a dress but Aniket thought it was costly, meanwhile, Samar forced her to get in and bought it for her. This could probably become something Samar constantly does as he knows that Aniket and Manu will have money problems. Aniket’s ego could also take a beating each time Samar does something for Manu that he cannot and it will only take so long before Aniket breaks and misunderstands Manu. Then Manu might have to go walk through fire to prove her love.

It has to be seen how this onscreen Raavan will react and to what ends will he go to capture Sita. Watch the latest episode of the show to know what happens next.

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