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Agga Bai Sasubai: These Instances Prove Soham Can Have A Change Of Heart

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December 16, 2020

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Even though Soham is currently the vamp on Agga Bai Sasubai, we believe there is still hope for him to change. We think he can become a better person, here’s why.

A lot has changed on Agga Bai Sasubai ever since Abhijit and Asawari left their house to start a new life together. Even though Soham finally got what he wanted – lots of money and Abhhijit’s exit from his life, he still doesn’t seem quite satisfied with his life. Underneath all that selfish and ruthless man, there is a boy who wants his mother to return and be a part of his life again. Don’t you think?

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Here’s why we think Soham can still have a change of heart and become a better person:

1. Soham was distraught when Asawari left

Following a fiery spat between Soham and Abhijit, Asawari decides to leave her house with the latter. Seeing his aai leave, Soham starts panicking. He tries to stop her and is left distraught when she finally exits.

2. Soham keeps missing his aai

In a recent episode, we saw Soham getting teary-eyed because of Asawari’s dish gharge. This is not the first time he has missed his aai after she left. Earlier when Shubhra made Asawari’s dish for Soham, he started remembering all the times when his mother cooked it for him.

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3. Soham once saw a father figure in Abhijit 

Even though Soham claims to hate Abhijit, there have been times when he saw a father figure in him. Soham and Abhijit have bonded before and it is possible that Soham will come to realize how good a father figure Abhijit is, and will probably have a change of heart.

4.  Soham is a mama’s boy

Even though Soham has changed a lot, he used to be a mama’s boy who needed his aai for everything. From picking out his clothes for the day to feeding him breakfast, Soham was dependent on her for everything. Maybe, Soham will realize how much he needs her and change for the better.

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5. Soham has a good heart

As conniving as he may be now, he wasn’t always like this. Even though he threw tantrums and would behave irresponsibly, he was just a broken boy who lost his father at a very young age. He has tried changing for Asawari before and he can do it again. We do believe, he can change for a better person and hope the transition happens very soon.

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