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Agga Bai Sasubai: 5 Times Shubhra Attempted To Teach Soham A Lesson

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November 20, 2020

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With Soham’s behaviour getting worse day by day, Shubhra decides to teach him a lesson once again!

Makers of Agga Bai Sasubai sure know how to keep the drama alive on the show. The last few episodes witnessed several twists and turns that have left the audience in shock. We saw that Soham cunningly acquires all of Abhijit’s wealth and instead of being thankful to him, he harshly rebukes Abhijit and asks him to apologize. Following this debacle, Abhijit and Asawari leave the house to start a new life together. A distraught Shubhra tries to bring her parents-in-law back but to no avail. Now she is left with no option but to teach Soham a lifelong lesson.

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In order to teach Soham a lesson, she pretends to be on Soham’s side and win his trust. We can only hope that in doing so, she does not get caught and is able to give a taste of his own medicine to Soham. On that note, here are 5 other instances where Shubhra attempted to teach Soham a lesson on Aggabai Sasubai:

1. Shubhra calls out Soham for criticizing her clothes

Soham humiliates Shubhra for wearing a dress in front of his friends at Abhi’s kitchen. Instead of obliging to Soham’s whims, she calls him out and rebukes him for his mentality. She tells him that it is not the fault of the girl for wearing clothes of her choice, but the fault of those who pervertedly look at her. Go Shubhra!

2. Shubhra leaves Soham

Shubhra has always despised Soham for his careless attitude towards everything. She has tried many times to get him on the right track but has repeatedly failed. But when Soham accuses her of being in an extra-marital relationship, it pushes her over the edge and she decides to leave Soham in an attempt to teach him a lesson.

3. Shubhra refuses to take Soham home

When Soham gets kicked out of the house, Shubhra gives some food, water, and clothes to Soham to survive on his own. Soham asks her if she has come out to take him home, but she refuses. Shubhra tells Soham that he must realize now that he should respect the people and relations in his life. She also slams him for getting their relationship on the line and refuses to take him inside.

4. Shubhra shocks Soham in Jaipur

When Shubhra finds her missing diamond necklace in Soham’s bag, she realizes her husband stole it from their cupboard. Shubhra wears that diamond necklace at Asawari and Abhijit’s felicitation ceremony and flaunts it in front of Soham. He is shocked to see her wearing that necklace and is left speechless. That ought to teach him a lesson that nothing can be hidden from his wife.

5. Shubhra indirectly helps in changing Soham

Shubhra on numerous occasions has joined hands with Asawari and Abhijit to teach Soham a lesson. If not active, Shubhra has always played a passive role in many of Asawari and Abhijit’s plans to bring Soham on the right path.

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