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Aditi Sharma’s Love for High Ponytail Reminds Us Of Betty Cooper From Archie Comics

Tanvi Rumale

April 3, 2021

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These two, Aditi Sharma and Betty Cooper, use the classic high ponytail to their advantage and how!

Crashh actress Aditi Sharma is extremely stunning with her simple, yet soft features and her big eyes that emote really well. Even on the show as Kajal, she had minimal makeup on and yet she looked amazing!  Her simple charm and simplicity remind us of Betty Cooper and her love for high ponytails just makes the connection even stronger! In the comics, we always see Betty with blonde hair and a high ponytail! It’s her trademark style and Aditi Sharma too has a soft corner when it comes to a high ponytail.

Don’t believe us? Check out her pictures…

With bangs, the actress looked exactly like Betty! They both have a very easy, girl-next-door style and they both have very subtle makeup choices. They also have dazzling smiles, don’t they?


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Aditi’s go-to hairstyle seems to be a high pony without any hairpieces falling on her face. Her features do all the talking and we think that it’s a great thing! Though her hair is lovely, the high pony really defines her face shape and compliments her jaw as well as her smile!

While Betty’s high ponytails are a bit more laid back, and casual, Aditi’s simple high ponytail is more sleek that makes her look more put together! We also love how Aditi has paired her high ponytail look with big hoop earrings. It adds a dash of drama to this classic look of hers!

She has worn this hairstyle to events as well!


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In this one, Aditi has brought tiny strands of hair to the front which is very similar to what Betty does. Aditi does add a little edge with the eyeliner and the fierce look but her big scrunchie at the back is very similar to Betty’s use of big scrunchies as well! We can definitely see the love for high ponytails, big scrunchies and the definition of the face structure due to the hairstyle here!

These added curls are so similar to Betty’s!


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Do you think they look similar? Yes or yes?

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