A.C.E Answers Which Member They Would Switch Bodies with, Byeongkwan’s Acting Debut And More

The members of the popular k-pop boy-band A.C.E. answered some fun and interesting questions that fans had for them.

The popular Korean boy-band named A.C.E. consists of members Byeongkwan, Donghun, Jun, Wow and Chan. They have risen to immense popularity in the past few years and recently sat down to answer some of their fans’ most frequently asked questions. And from Byeongkwan’s acting debut to different aspects of Korean culture they would like to represent in their future work, they spoke about it all.

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The members of the renowned k-pop boy band A.C.E. recently opened up about various things that their fans have eagerly been wanting to know about. When asked about what the other members thought about Byeongkwan’s acting debut in Be My Boyfriend, they happily said that they have very high expectations from his role. They also added that they are truly looking forward to it as they have noticed how Byeongkwan does practise a lot for his role. The band members were also asked who they would switch their bodies with for a week if they could. Answering this fun question, Wow chose Byeongkwan’s while Donghun chose Wow and Jun chose Donghun.

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The band has been known for introducing various aspects of the Korean culture with their song Favourite Boy‘s music video. Fans and listeners of the band found these aspects extremely interesting and even refreshing to watch. So they were then asked about what other parts of their culture they would want to showcase and represent through their upcoming work in the future. To this, they said that similar to how they displayed the traditional side of Korea in the Favourite Boy music video, they would love to do the same about the modern parts of their culture when given an opportunity next. From the Korean cuisine and its dishes to beautiful travel destinations, they said they wish to be able to show it all. A.C.E. members also said that they would love to recreate some of their music into the Rock genre in the future when asked if they would ever want to venture into the particular genre.

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