7 Things About The Blockbuster Show Jodi Hakki That All Fans Are Going To Miss A Lot

Parinika Uchil

July 12, 2019

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1. Rama and Janaki’s Romance

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The superhit family drama on Zee Kannada, Jodi Hakki, finally came to an end last Friday. Recently, we had given you a few possible endings to the show and we were nearly right. If you don’t know yet, while one of our predictions that the show will take a leap of some years and come back with Rama and Janaki’s little offspring, came true. And guess what? The little girl was named Parvathi after Rama’s mother. What we weren’t expecting at all was Nanditha to not give up till her last breath, which means she took out a revolver and in an attempt not to lose against Janaki or give her the happiness of winning, the former shoots herself!

Anyways, while the show ended on a happy note, today we will look at a few things that we are going to terribly miss about the show. Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind is how Rama and Janaki slowly built their relationship into a romantic one. We have to remember that Rama was initially a celibate and an ardent follower of Lord Hanuman. When a cute and simple teacher, Janaki entered his life as his partner, he was initially sceptical about any romantic entanglements. Finally, with some help when they consummated their love, things on the romantic front became awesome for Janaki.

2. The kids who always helped Rama

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While the names of the kids were hardly ever mentioned, the group of young boys, also from Rama’s village considered him an older brother and would always come to his aid whenever he needed them. Their companionship with the hero and their shenanigans will truly be missed. Don’t you agree?

3. Manja and Rama’s friendship

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In a recent EXCLUSIVE interview with Chaithra Rao aka Janaki, she mentioned that she too will always remember Rama and Manja’s friendship and rightfully so. They were inseparable. Although Rama already had a brother Ashok, thanks to Nanditha they both could never sort out their differences. Enter Manja, his right-hand man, his partner in crime and his childhood geleya. Their friendship always will remain in our hearts, forever.

4. Manjunath Hedge, the iconic supporting actor

Source: ZEE5

While doing supporting roles in films side-by-side, Manjunath Hegde aka Namma Appanna sahibru, was an inspiration to everyone on the set. Despite juggling between so much work, the actor never gave us a fake moment onscreen. Every single scene and expression of his was as though he was living in the moment. Kudos to the acting maestro because we are irrevocably going to miss him on the small screen.

5. Manja and Anu’s love story

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Since the time Manja dey his eyes on Anu, he always had a liking for her. Over the course of the show, albeit with many obstacles, they finally confessed their love for each other sometime before Holi this year. Since then there was no looking back for both of them until the end. So their quirky and humourous romantic moments will truly be missed.

6. Janaki - a true inspiration for women

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The story of Janaki has been inspirational from the beginning of the show. A simple woman hailing from the city lands the job of a teacher in Mandya, the same village where Rama lives in. After working as a teacher for years, she then decides to do something more for people and starts preparing for her IAS exam. Her husband Rama is so proud of his wife who not only took care of him and made him a better person but thought of doing service to the public too by becoming an IAS officer. Her patience for Nanditha, her perseverance in keeping a goal in life and following it as well her beliefs was an inspiration for fans throughout so definitely something that will be missed by all. Agree?

7. Of course! Pallavi Gowda, the ever-famous villain of the show

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The gorgeous Pallavi Gowda aka Namma Nanditha did a super fabulous job as the villain on the show. True that her character was pure evil, the actress’s exceptional talent is what gave us the hate for the character. Her expressive eyes and angry face will always be missed until this end of time.

What will you miss most about the show? Let us know in the comments box given below.

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