7 Of Your Favourite Actresses Bring Sexy Back With Their Mix And Match Traditional Outfits


March 12, 2020


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Sruthi Hariharan

Source: Instagram

Beautiful Manasugalu actress Sruthi Hariharan poses in a hot pink silk saree, that is paired with a green silk blouse. We believe the two colours haven’t looked this good ever! She truly looks like a diva in this one. Right?

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Samyuktha Hegde

Source: Instagram

Samyuktha Hegde is surely winning hearts with her oh-so-green saree. While the saree has absolutely no work on it, her gorgeous pink blouse has enough work to make up for it. How beautiful does she look in this?

Shraddha Srinath

Source: Instagram

Everyone knows that Shraddha can carry any outfit effortlessly and today’s no different. Her sky blue silk saree paired with a purple blouse, is making her look breathtakingly beautiful.

Rashmika Mandanna

Source: Instagram

Rashmika Mandanna flaunts a pink saree that has a good amount of zari work and pairs it with a plain black Chinese-collared blouse that makes her look like a queen! Well, we can’t imagine this saree looking any better on anyone else.

Rachita Ram

Source: Instagram

It is true that a black blouse can go with any colour and never look wrong! Rachita Ram takes us back to the 90’s with this frilly saree.

Shanvi Srivastava

Source: Instagram

Two solid colours from different families could not have looked better than on our beautiful Saheba actress! Purple and pink just look all the more gorgeous on her. Don’t you think?

Ashika Ranganath

Source: Instagram

Ashika Ranganath looks gorgeous in this traditional indigo saree, paired with a printed yellow and red blouse. If you too want your blouse to complement your saree without it coming across as too matching, then using a part of your saree in your blouse gives it a nice touch.

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