4 scenes from the latest Bengali TV serial Jibon Saathi that you need to watch out for

These dramatic moments will keep you glued to the screen! Check out.

The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Jibon Saathi, is a riveting show full of romance and drama. It is about love and the determination of an ordinary looking woman called Priyam (played by Diya Basu), to succeed in life. Jibon Saathi follows the tale of Priyam, who gets married off to a man called Turno (played by Sayan Karmakar)– who was previously in love with her older, more beautiful sister called Jhelum (played by Shrabani Bhunia). She struggles to win him over and pursue her professional goals at the same time. Here are some scenes from the show that will really make an impression on you.

1. Jhelum’s gaye holud ceremony

In this scene from the first episode of Jibon Saathi, Priyam and Jhelum’s family members are getting ready for the latter’s wedding ceremony. Priyam is preparing her sister’s veil. Meanwhile, their father is caught up with some work and has not been able to make it yet!

2. Hands up

This one is a highly charged scene from Jibon Saathi. Priyam and Jhelum’s father comes at Shankalpo’s, Jhelum’s lover, with a gun! He threatens him and when Jhelum leaps to Shankalpo’s defense, he slaps her! Turno then claims that it is better to have learned about Jhelum’s boyfriend now rather than later. Watch the scene unfold right here.

3. Priyam in tears

In this heartfelt scene from Jibon Saathi, Priyam sobs as her brother tries to console her. He says that she needs to go through with the marriage, per their father’s wishes, in order to save face and keep the family’s reputation intact.

4. Jhelum gets a call

In this scene, Jhelum has just married her boyfriend Shankalpo. They are enjoying a romantic moment together, when suddenly, they are interrupted by a phone call. It is Shalankara Devi on the line, and she wants to give Jhelum another chance to ‘redeem’ herself! She demands that she come back by the next morning and exchange wedding vows with her son, but Jhelum turns down her offer.

Which of these scenes from Jibon Saathi did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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