4 Personality Traits Of Sathya That Breaks Stereotypes Of TV’s Leading Ladies

Four personality traits of Sathya that make her different from other TV heroines, here’s the list. Read on.

Sathya, the leading lady of Zee Tamil’s show of the same name, is not an archetype of your typical TV heroine, who is forgiving and kind-hearted. Instead, Sathya is a rather bold and bubbly woman, who achieves what she desires, and is unaffected by what others perceive of her. Here are four personality traits of Sathya that make her different from other TV heroines.

Four personality traits of Sathya that make her different

1. Woman with a plan 

Sathya is a woman who is smart and capable of achieving what she desires. She deceived her family and got her sister-in-law Soumya married to her best friend, Kathir. Sathya had a clear vision of how to convince her family for the marriage. Interestingly, Sathya’s partner Prabhu also lent his support. 

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2. Bold and bubbly Sathya 

Sathya, unlike other TV heroines, is a bold and bubbly girl who stands up herself every time. Recently, when Prabhu did not stand up for Sathya’s self-respect, she expressed disappointment. Sathya fought with Prabhu for not standing up for her umpteen times. Later, Prabhu invited Sathya’s mother to end the fight. 

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3. Sathya gives it back to her enemies

Sathya has had issues with her sister-in-law Anitha since the first day of her marriage. Anitha despises Sathya because of her middle-class background and tries tooth and nail to insult her every time. Sathya, unlike other TV heroines, does not sob every time Anitha insults her. Instead, she teaches Anitha a lesson. Recently, Sathya reprimanded Anitha for replacing her jewellery. Likewise, Sathya leaves no stone unturned in giving it back to anyone who speaks ill about her. She recently attacked neighbours who insulted her at the temple. 

4. Sathya’s unvarying behaviour

Although Sathya’s demeanour has changed after her marriage to Prabhu, her overall personality remains the same. She giggles and squawks when she meets her friends. Sathya considers her mother-in-law as a friend and treats her the same way. She cracks jokes, calls Indhumathi (Sathya’s mother-in-law) funny and quirky names. Recently, Sathya’s mother rebuked her for not respecting Indhumathi and Prabhu. However, Indhumathi supported Sathya and stood by her. 

Sathya, starring Ayesh and Vishnu Vijay in the lead, narrates the tale of a tomboyish girl who forcefully marries her elder sister’s lover. Sathya is one of the most popular shows of Zee Tamil. You can watch Sathya episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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