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3 Year Old Child Swallows Pearl Necklace; Gets Operated For 5 Hours

Isha Khatu

December 18, 2020

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A 3-year-old boy swallows a necklace in India. Parents come to know after 3 days of the incident.

When children are young, they often swallow a lot of things lying inside the house. Parents often have to keep a track of what they get in touch with. One such incident took place in India wherein a 3-year-old child swallowed a necklace. Watch the video to see the x-ray of his body and the necklace.

3-Year-old swallows a pearl necklace

In India, a 3-year-old boy swallowed a pearl necklace of his mother. The incident took place because of his parent’s negligence. It got worse as they did not realise the same for the next three days. The boy kept vomiting while the parents thought he suffered from food poisoning. They immediately got him checked by the doctor which is when the doctors told him that they might have to remove his X-ray. As soon as the X-ray report arrived, it revealed that the child had swallowed a long necklace with huge pearls.

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They took a quick decision of getting the child operated as it was impossible for him to digest such a huge object and remove it from his excretory system. The doctor had to cut open his flesh in order to remove the necklace. The child’s operation took over 5 long hours after which they successfully managed to remove the pearl necklace from his body. The child survived after the operation and was kept in the hospital for a few days under the doctor’s guidance. The video of the X-ray soon got viral, however, no details about the child and his family were revealed. People who saw the video were concerned about the baby and tried to find his location but failed.

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What to do if this happens around you?

Many such incidents have taken place in the past wherein children between 3 to 10 swallow objects because of their parent’s negligence. Many times it was unable to save the children because of the size of the object and the child’s young age. If an incident like this takes place at home, the child should immediately be brought to the emergency room and should be operated. Parents should keep an eye on the things that the children play with and get their hands on at home.

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