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3 Reasons Why Raat Baaki Hai Is A Study Of ‘Dark Secrets’ Genre; A Look At Cinematic Elements That Shaped This Whodunnit!

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April 20, 2021

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From its well-accentuated shots to a well-written storyline, Raat Baaki Hai scored high on both, technical aspects and storytelling format.

Modern age thrillers have followed the tradition of truly ‘unhinged’ films. While these suspense-driven dramas intrigue the audience, their relevant and extraordinary themes are worth appreciating. And ZEE5’s latest release Raat Baaki Hai is a perfect epitome of new-age thrillers. Whether it is the film’s slow-burn drama or its whodunnit style narrative, Raat Baaki Hai has become a film you’d always love to revisit. And every time you watch it, it’ll have a lasting impression on your mind.

Featuring Rahul Dev, Anup Soni, and Paoli Dam in the lead, the film has garnered love from critics as well as the masses. And there are certain new cinematic styles that add to Raat Baaki Hai’s intriguing side. From its well-accentuated shots to a well-written storyline, the film was high on both, technical aspects and storytelling format.

So, here’s taking a look at these major cinematic elements that made a Raat Baaki Hai a study of the murder mystery genre.

A Genre Of Its Own

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Prior to its release and based on its trailer, Raat Baaki Hai seemed like a David Fincher story. And the makers of the film did manage to pull off a thrilling drama notably in the Fincher-esque style. However, the film has its uniqueness when it comes to a slow-burn narrative style. Probably, Raat Baaki Hai lies somewhere between a David Fincher film and a Kafkaesque story.

And why do we say so? Here our protagonist Kartik (Anuup Sonii) finds himself deep within a trap where there’s no way out. And this seems quite similar to Franz Kafka’s ‘K’ from The Trial. Also, there’s Vasuki (Paoli Dam) who imbibes some deep past secrets that’s why we were relating it to Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne. 

And these two elements perfectly blend in with Raat Baaki Hai’s narrative, establishing the film in a genre of its own. Possibly a ‘dark secrets’ genre where the past stories become the crux of the story.

Visual Storytelling

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While many thriller or horror movies use dizzy angles to build up the tension, the cinematography in Raat Baaki Hai is very still. And it’s the stillness of the film that adds more to its beauty. A perfect combination of restful frames and a restless story. Close shots have been used very well to stage the emotional dilemma of the characters. The use of camera angles gives the audience an in-depth insight into the story.

And this follows perfectly in the climax. The dark twist about Vasuki’s character near the ending makes it an iconic conclusion. And the cinematography amplifies the scene with a wide shot of haveli as Ahlawat steps in to arrest Kartik.

Subtlety Of Background Score

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In the last few years, many thrillers have lost the essence of a nail-biting storyline. And hence, heavy background music fills the void of the script’s strength. However, Raat Baaki Hai completely relies on its well-written narrative to build up the suspense. No unnecessary music is used to preach about the twists and turns. Subtle background music in Raat Baaki sets the right mood for a thriller that scores high on its intriguing plot.

Also, this aspect of the background music makes the film live upon its slice-of-life storytelling. The background music is used mostly during some crucial plot points and that too very subtly.

And these interesting aspects sets Raat Baaki Hai different from contemporary thrillers.

Raat Baaki Hai is now streaming on ZEE5.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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