Tropical Storm Higos: 21 Cars Fall Into Pit In Sichuan Province

A viral video shows how the vehicles slipped into the pit after heavy rains suddenly eroded the road where they were parked,

After the widespread Coronavirus pandemic, China is now facing a new crisis. On the one hand, while the floods hit almost 3.7 million people and shut down over 2.3 million companies, now the tropical storm ‘Higos’ on the south coast has doubled the loss of lives. China is currently experiencing floods, landslides and torrential rains. According to a national daily, five people are missing after two houses were destroyed under a landslide in Yunnan province. As per media reports, 21 vehicles, mostly cars, parked in a square in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, have been demolished.

No casualties or injuries have been reported in the incident. Heavy rains suddenly eroded the road and these 21 vehicles went into a ditch one after the other. In a moment, they were buried under the ground due to unprecedented rainfall. The video is currently viral on social media platforms. Owing to natural disasters and calamities, China is also facing its worst economic crisis in decades. In Guangdong, thousands of people have gone out of business while women and children have been displaced.

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