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14 Memorable Moments From Jodi Hakki That Will Remind You Of The Good Times On The Show

Parinika Uchil

July 10, 2019

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As fans prepare to bid farewell to their favourite stars Chaithra Rao, Thandav Ram and Pallavi Gowda, here is a collection of some best moments!

Rumoured be going off-air on July 12, 2019, the hit show Jodi Hakki has given us such a great story with an exceptional cast. Starring in the lead roles is Chaithra Rao as Janaki and Thandav Ram as Rama, whose love story began after marriage. However, Rama’s sister-in-law Nanditha (Pallavi Gowda), who is jealous of the two lovebirds, always tries to cause them harm. The actress, who is a darling in real life, has done splendidly until now with her onscreen persona, keeping the audience hooked. While the show will always stay close to our hearts, we know that all good things must come to an end.

But hey, don’t go away just yet! To keep the spark of Jodi Hakki alive in your hearts, here’s presenting 14 of the best moments on the show that you can read about as well as watch. Let’s begin…

1. When Rama Turns Cook For His Wife

A Still Of Thandav Ram As Rama On Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

Upon finding his wife fast asleep studying, Rama proves to be a good husband by making some kadak tea for her and ensures that she gets back to studying. Check out this adorable clip here if you want to see some love between the Jodi Hakki.

2. Rama Has Some Words Of Courage For His Wife

An Emotional Still Of Janaki And Rama
Source: ZEE5

When Mahima is kidnapped and Janaki loses all hope, Rama wipes away her tears by promising to teach all those a lesson who thought he was the quiet kind. He swears that he will show everyone what he is really made of. Look at the smile on Janaki’s face. Watch the clip here!

3. Some Mother-Son Time

A Still Of Parvathi And Rama
Source: ZEE5

Rama vents to Parvathi about his helplessness when people take advantage of him. Just as a mother should, Parvathi then comforts Rama and feeds him dinner with her own hands. Watch this emotional scene here.

4. Rama Finds The Opportunity To Flirt With Janaki In The Kitchen

A Flirty Still Of Rama And Janaki
Source: ZEE5

Rama gets up because of Janaki, who drops some vessels in the kitchen because she is in a hurry. He then goes to the kitchen and starts getting romantic with her. Watch the whole clip here.

5. The Ugadi Special

A Festive Still Of The Cast Of Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

When Appanna comes home to celebrate Ugadi with his ‘true’ family, it is truly a picture-perfect moment, because all Rama and Janaki’s well-wishers are present in the room. Well, except Chandri of course! Watch the lovely festive clip here.

6. Holi Match: Janaki And Rama Versus Anu And Manja

The Epic Holi Match On Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

A brilliant time when the cast of Jodi Hakki had a Holi match. The only condition was that whichever team puts colour on the other team’s members first, wins. Check out who won in this video.

7. Holi Romance Special

A Romantic Still Of The Two Best Jodis On Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

During the match, both the couples — Rama-Janaki and Anu-Manja — find themselves in romantic situations. The boys go searching for both the couples who have disappeared. Watch this tummy-tickling video here.

8. The Kids Teach The Goons A Lesson

A Still From The Show Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

Thanks to Rama, who was on a call and managed to scare off the goons for a while, the children soon take over and give the goons a hard time. Check out this sakkath clip right here.

9. When Janaki Got The Best Magalu Award At The Zee Kutumba Awards 2019

A Still Of Chaithra Rao Aka Janaki From Jodi Hakki
Source: ZEE5

Winning the Best Magalu Award at the Zee Kutumba Awards 2019, watch this emotional clip of Chaitra Rao thanking her mother who is her inspiration. Click here.

10. Rama Proposes To Janaki In His Own Sweet Way

A Happy Still Of Rama And Janaki
Source: ZEE5

At the Valentine’s Day event, Rama gets another opportunity to propose to Janaki. He also recollects the time when he had first publicly confessed his love for Janaki. Watch this adorable clip here.

11. Rama Teaches Mara And His Goons A Lesson For Eyeing Janaki

An Angry Still Of Rama And Janaki
Source: ZEE5

Assuming that Janaki will come alone to meet him, Mara is relaxing when one of his goons gets beaten up. Mara sees this and knows that Rama is around. Watch how Rama turns Mara into a pulp here.

12. Manja Proposes And Anu Accepts

A Smiling Still Of Rohith Aka Manja
Source: ZEE5

After putting Anu through a small test, Manja realises that she too loves him. Finally, Manja’s hard work of so many months is paid off and he gets the girl he loved. Check out this romantic video here.

13. The Best Romantic Moment Of Rama And Janaki, Ever

An Adorable Still Of Janaki And Rama
Source: ZEE5

14. Janaki becomes an IAS Officer

An Smiling Still Of Chaithra Gowda Aka Janaki From Jodi Hakki
Source: Instagram

Despite Nanditha’s interference, Janaki not only becomes an IAS Officer, but she also gets the charge of Rama’s town itself. Watch that proud moment here.

Remember that time when Janaki and Rama mixed mud together with their feet? In this scene, there is a beautiful song playing in the background and the way Rama is pleased to see Janaki in a village attire, reminds you of the simplicity in life that we all need. Watch the lovely moment here.

What are you going to miss about the show? Share your thoughts in the comments space given below.

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