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Kundali Bhagya 22 July 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn fails to terminate Preeta’s pregnancy

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July 23, 2021

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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan, Rakhi and Sameer are amazed to see Mahesh’s high energy level during Dadi’s birthday party. Kareena sees Preeta with a pregnancy test kit and forbids her from using it. She tells Preeta that she has called their ancestral nanny who will confirm her pregnancy. Srishti arrives at the Luthra House and flirts with Sameer. After an argument with Janki, Srishti takes Sherlyn aside to confront her. Karan brings a pregnancy test kit and secretly gives it to Preeta. The both are overjoyed to learn that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Srishti reminds Sherlyn how she had tried to kill Preeta. Sherlyn is shocked to hear Srishti say that Mahira had foiled her plan by throwing her under the truck. Sherlyn later video calls Prithvi and vents out her frustration. Prithvi tries hard to pacify Sherlyn. However, Sherlyn holds Preeta responsible for her miscarriage and decides to terminate Preeta’s pregnancy.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, an envious Sherlyn decides to terminate Preeta’s pregnancy but Prithvi tries to stop her. Prithvi decides to call Kritika to take her help to stop Sherlyn. Meanwhile, the Luthras gather in the living room and talk about the change in Karan after Preeta’s pregnancy. Sarla, in a room with Preeta and Srishti, secretly gives Preeta an amulet. Preeta tells her how Dadi had already got an amulet for her.

Sherlyn tells Girish to bring Dadi’s birthday cake to the living room. In no time, Sherlyn comes out and spreads marbles on the staircase. She waits for Preeta to step on it and trip over. Sameer tries to reveal the names he has planned for Preeta’s unborn child. Kareena, eager for performances, stops him and tells him to focus only on Dadi’s birthday celebration. Sherlyn daydreams that Preeta has fallen off the staircase and lost her unborn child.

Prithvi calls Kritika to send her to keep Sherlyn away from Preeta. He tells Kritika that Sherlyn must be feeling low due to losing her child. He asks Kritika to keep an eye on Sherlyn as she may try to harm Preeta. Later, Srishti notices the marbles on the staircase but assumes that someone has carelessly kept it there. Yashoda, Dadi’s friend, visits the Luthras and everyone welcomes her with warmth. Karan, Preeta and all the Luthras get even more excited when Yashoda shares that Preeta is bearing twins.

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