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Geet Dholi 24 March 2023 Written Update: Simone assigns a task to Bhola


March 31, 2023

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Malhar covers up for Rhythm’s dhol performance and Simone tells Bhairavi about it, Bhairavi gets increasingly worried about Geet’s last video and asks Bhola to retrieve Geet’s phone through Simone. Will Bhola get caught?

In the previous episode of Geet Dholi, Jasleen grimly questions Rhythm about her true identity after sensing her discomfort about Kammo’s idea. Meanwhile, Arshi confronts Kammo about trying to harm Jasleen by asking Rhythm to play an instrument she has never touched. Kammo justifies her request and tells Arshi that Rhythm’s identity will finally come to light. Arshi rushes to inform JK about Kammo’s action. Later, Rhythm corners Kammo and intimidates Kammo about her own identity coming to light. Rhythm pledges to oust Kammo and warns Simone about the investigation of Geet’s mother reaching a conclusion. Rhythm also implies, that Bhairavi might be involved in Geet’s murder. Soon, JK tries to salvage the situation and discourages Rhythm from playing the dhol. However, Kammo takes it upon herself to make Rhythm play the dhol. Later, JK berates Kammo and warns her of a dreadful consequence. Soon enough, Rhythm plays the dhol after much resistance.

In the next episode of Geet Dholi, Jasleen feels overwhelmed and unwell after Rhythm’s dhol performance. Pearl takes Jasleen away to her room and the Mehras question Rhythm about playing the dhol and Kammo insists that Rhythm is indeed Geet. She accuses Rhythm about staging her death and tells her that her time is up. Rhythm gets enraged as Kammo starts misbehaving with her, Malhar interjects and tells Kammo that he played Geet’s old video through a Bluetooth speaker in an effort to persuade Jasleen. Diamond keeps Rhythm from leaving the Mehra House for good. Malhar tells Rhythm that his anniversary is soon approaching, he asks her to approve his wish to go out with him. Soon, Rhythm notices someone standing by the door and listening to their conversation. Rhythm confronts Simone about trying to eavesdrop, they have a heated argument about her irrational behaviour. Simone admits listening in on Malhar’s conversation and Rhythm tells Simone about her conversation with Simone. Rhythm straight up blames Simone, Kammo and Bhairavi of Geet’s murder.

Rhythm promises to take Geet’s murderers to the court and bring them to justice. Simone tries to instigate Malhar against Rhythm but fails miserably, Malhar berates her for mistreating Rhythm and expresses his agreement with Rhythm’s claims. Simone gets upset at Malhar and tries to tell him that she has feelings for him but he walks away in rage. Simone tells Bhairavi about Rhythm’s staged dhol performance and tells Bhairavi that it did not look like Rhythm was putting on an act in front of Jasleen. Bhairavi continues to believe that Rhythm is Geet, she gets concerned about Geet’s last video and plans to tamper with the video. Simone walks into the store room of Mehra House where Bhola shows up, she tells him about the video and asks Bhola to delete the video from Geet’s phone in a bid to erase the only evidence Malhar has against them. Away, Malhar and Rhythm try to guess who would drop by to retrieve Geet’s phone and get caught in their trap. Later, Rhythm tells him about Kammo and Rocky wishing death upon Geet. They deduce the names of four suspects responsible for Geet’s murder.

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