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Gattimela 26 January 2022 Written Update: Suhasini mocks Parimala’s financial background


January 25, 2022

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Suhasini mocks Parimala’s financial background by commenting on how they had to loan a dining table from their neighbour and further talks about buying one for them.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vikrant rescues Vaidehi from Suhasini’s goons. An emotional Vaidehi hugs Vikrant when he enquires about her wellbeing. Elsewhere, Suhasini rejoices when Manjunath’s neighbour insults him for using his dining table for more than the stipulated time.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Prajwal tries to reassure a worried Vaidehi when she worries about her kidnappers. Vaidehi recalls Suhasini’s warning about harming her children if they learn the truth and decides to not tell Vikrant about Suhasini being the one who kidnapped her. A worried Vaidehi lies to Vikrant and states that she does not know the reason behind her kidnapping and how they didn’t question her after the kidnapping. Later, Vaidehi is stunned when Prajwal questions her if she visited the hospital before her kidnapping.

Elsewhere, Amulya rebukes Parimala for taking the dining table from their neighbour and advises her to have stuck to their simplicity instead of trying to impress them. Amulya considers Manjunath to be equally guilty of trying to appease Amulya’s in-laws. Suhasini mocks Amulya about her family’s financial background in the guise of praising Parimala, which irks Amulya. When Suhasini talks about buying a dining table for Parimala, Amulya stops her from doing so, while Suhasini insists on doing so.

Vikrant informs Vedanth about how he rescued Vaidehi. When Vikrant worries about Vaidehi’s safety, Vedanth comes up with a solution for the same. Elsewhere, Sarthak wonders about Vedanth and Vikrant’s whereabouts as he has to deal with pending office work. He shares his suspicions with Adya but she refuses to listen to him. At Parimala’s house, Amulya thinks about the efforts taken by her parents to make the festival special for her and her in-law and decides to leave a small amount of money in Parimala’s kitchen. Suhasini gets angry when she sees Anjali wearing her sandal. She insults Anjali and her upbringing when Manjunath and Parimala interfere. Manjunath gets angry when Suhasini passes a sly comment about his intention of getting Adithi married to Dhruva.

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