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Gattimela 25 January 2022 Written Update: Vikrant saves Vaidehi


January 25, 2022

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Vikrant reaches the location where Vaidehi is kept captive and saves her after fighting off the goons hired by Suhasni to keep Vaidehi hidden from her children.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Prajwal helps Vikrant locate Vaidehi. Parmananda is shocked on seeing Vikrant at the location where Vaidehi is held captive. Elsewhere, Amulya and Aarati’s bond delights Parimala.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vikrant enters the building in which Vaidehi is being held captive and confronts Suhasini’s goons. Vaidehi gets emotional on seeing Vikrant come to her rescue. Elsewhere, Amulya gets angry at Suhasini and goes to the kitchen to calm down. Parimala tries to appease a furious Amulya who vents out her frustration about Suhasini insulting Parimala. Furthermore, Parimala tries to reason with Amulya and informs her that they should adjust to the situation as they are aware of Suhasini’s behaviour, but Amulya refuses to bow down.

When Vikrant rescues Vaidehi, he thinks about the moments they spent together. An emotional and scared Vaidehi hugs Vikrant, while Prajwal watches their reaction. Vikrant reassures Vaidehi and promises her that he will always keep her safe. Vaidehi gets scared when Vikrant questions her about her kidnapping, who would have kidnapped her and the reason behind so. Vaidehi recalls her last interaction with Suhasini before Suhasini got her kidnapped.

At Parimala’s house, Suhasini asks Aarati to call Vikrant and enquire about his and Vedanth’s whereabouts. Amulya teases Anjali about how every festival she would finish the special dishes prepared and not leave much for others. Meanwhile, Aarati gets upset when Vikrant tells her that he will be delayed and might not be able to join her and her family for lunch. Parimala lies to Amulya and Aarati when they notice how unstable her dining table is. Amulya teases Parimala when she feels guilty about not having been able to prepare a proper feast for them. Suhasini gets irritated watching everyone enjoy their food. Suhasini complains about how she cannot eat the food served to her as she is on diet and asks for brown rice. Parimala is delighted when Suhasini consumes food at Amulya’s request. Manjunath and Parimala get nervous when their neighbour comes home and demands that they return the dining table as the stipulated time is over. Later, Suhasini feels delighted on watching the neighbour insult Manjunath.

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