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Anil Kapoor Opens Up On The Criticism He Faced For Not Being A ‘Star’


September 15, 2021

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Anil Kapoor has been going on for so many years now. In a candid video he opens up about his journey, about facing criticism and the secret to his eternal youth

Anil Kapoor pours his heart out and we got to know many things about the actor in the latest episode of this edition of the chat show hosted by Arbaaz Khan. Even after spanning a successful career over decades, Anil shared that initially he faced criticism for not having the charm of a star and he’s just an actor.

He used to take that as a compliment, people used to compare him with Sanjeev Kumar, and he used to get happy with the fact that they are comparing him with the greatest actor in our country. At that time, people had a different perspective. His contemporaries’ debut films were much more successful than his debut film, Even Mashaal didn’t work well, but his work was appreciated, thus he used to get more work. There were people who used to tell him that he doesn’t look like a star. So he used to tell them that let him improve, where his presence is concerned or his physicality is concerned. Anil believes that there is always room for improvement and if he doesn’t perform well then he’s cheating with his audience.  


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The enigmatic actor is known for being ageless. Anil finally decoded his secret of being young forever by saying that whatever you’re doing in life, you have to enjoy it, and he has been fortunate enough. To be honest, God has been kind to him, in personal, professional, financial (matters). Also, you have to eat on time, sleep on time, and dedicate your body an hour a day.

Anil has been one of the fittest actors of all time, and even in his 60s, he is giving audiences some of the best movies of his career. His last film AK Vs AK went on to become a massive success. People loved how realistic his acting was, and how the movie felt like his most authentic work till date.

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