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Abhishek Bachchan Recalls About Having To Leave A Front Row Seat For THIS Reason; Discloses About His Struggle


December 19, 2021

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One of the most renowned actors, Abhishek Bachchan has addressed getting replaced in films and being asked to leave front-row seats at events. The actor explained that he recognises it’s a part of the job

In a recent interview, Abhishek Bachchan disclosed that he has been substituted in films and ordered to abandon front row seats at public events. The Bob Biswas star stated that he recognises that it is an unavoidable aspect of the job and that one should not take it personally.

Abhishek’s acting career began with Refugee. He has appeared in almost 60 films to date, including successes like Guru, Bunty Aur Babli, and Dhoom. Despite a string of strong performances, Abhishek admitted that he has been replaced in a few movies and that he embraces the situation.

He claimed that he had been substituted in films. He claimed that he had been switched in films without being informed. And the actor has physically arrived at the location, where someone else is filming. And one simply had to turn around and walk away. Abhishek Bachchan also said that he has been informed that he’s been replaced in films. People do not answer the phone. And that’s perfectly natural. It’s something that every performer has gone through. Abhishek Bachchan saw his father’s struggle.

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He went on to say that he was asked to leave a front-row seat on an occasion when a great star arrived. Abhishek Bachchan stated that he had been to a public gathering and was forced to sit in the front row, which left him speechless. He had no idea he’d be seated in the front row. But then a larger celebrity appears, and they would ask him to leave and move to the back,’ and he would do that. It’s all part of the performance. It’s not anything anyone should take personally. What anybody needs to do is return home and, prior to actually going to bed, make a commitment to himself that he will work extremely hard. He said that any person needs to become so brilliant that they will be unable to relocate that person from the front row to the back.

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