Madhav - Every Child Needs A Mentor | Trailer


25 Feb 2021






Audio Languages:Hindi

No matter how old we are, we all need someone we can rely on, someone we can trust and open our hearts too. We all need someone to guide us to the light, someone we can sing and dance with, laugh and cry with. MADHAV is a story about the relationship between an old man and a young child named Abhishek (Abhi). Abhi accidentally comes across this old man named Madhav, who is singing, dancing and teaching some children in the park. Both neglected, one from his family, one from the society, they find each other in the chaos and develop a relationship of trust, friendship, companionship and most of all, a relationship of a student and mentor. Everyone is lonely in one way or the other. Madhav, the main protagonist of this film, strongly believes that doing good for others and bringing them happiness is the source of pure joy. This film is a story about exactly that!