Yeh Vaada Raha

Yeh Vaada Raha - Episode 20 - October 16, 2015 - Full Episode

E 20

16 Oct 2015

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Kartik reaches the temple and confronts Taai. He asks Taai whether she saw Survi or not. Taai is shocked finding Kartik at the temple, but does not react before him. Survi on the other hand, is forcibly drowned in the pool. Fortunately, she is able to throw one of her hand out of the water. At the same time, Kartik sees Survi's hand and jumps into the pool and saves her. He also gets hold of the thug who was trying to kill Survi. Taai is even more flabbergasted when she hears that Kartik's mother has learned the entire plan that Taai has crafted. Will the thug announce who is the person behind all this act? Keep watching to find out.