Yeh Vaada Raha

Yeh Vaada Raha - Episode 173 - May 19, 2016 - Full Episode

E 173

19 May 2016

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Survi asks Karthik to choose between herself and her child and he instantly chooses her. Survi however is not convinced as she believes that he loves her as his child's mother instead of as his wife. The two of them prepare for their marriage that is to be taking place all over again. Meanwhile, Kamla Taayi reaches the police station and informs Ranbir and Mehar of Karthik's ongoing marriage preperations. She agrees to free them but asks for her bungalow and wealth back in return. Ranbir agrees and later, Kamla Taayi reaches the police station in a disguise. She then distributes lunch to all the guards and they all fall unconsious after having the meal. Will Ranbir and Mehar escape on time to stop Karthik's marriage? Watch Yeh Vaada Raha to know more/