Yeh Vaada Raha

Yeh Vaada Raha - Episode 150 - April 18, 2016 - Full Episode

E 150

18 Apr 2016

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Ranbir announces that he will take Shanthi home with him only when Karthik agrees to marry his sister, Mehar, and takes her to his place. He gives Survi the documents that turn out to be her and Kartik's divorce papers. Ranbir leaves the place after the marriage and asks Karthik and Survi to make their decision. Kamla Taayi mocks Survi and makes them realize what game Ranbir has played against her and Karthik. Mehar learns that Ranbir is not at all happy about what he has done to Shanthi but Mehar assures her brother that this is the last time that she is seeking his help. Will Survi be forced to divorce Karthik for the sake of Shanthi? Watch Yeh Vaada Raha to know more.