Yeh Vaada Raha

Yeh Vaada Raha - Episode 144 - April 8, 2016 - Full Episode

E 144

8 Apr 2016

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Ranbir frees Kamla Taayi of the loan that she was burdened with and declares that he has purchased the house and all of her business for Mehar and her soon to be husband, Karthik. He hands over a bundle of cash to Kamla Taayi and asks her to leave the house. Meanwhile, Karthik believes that Ranbir is a great brother to Mehar and is under the assumption that he has taken care of Mehar. Survi, however, continues to have her suspicions. Next day, Karthik gets a call and he is informed that Kamla Taayi had to sell the house and all his business to Ranbir. He understands that his Taayi and her family are loitering on the streets and decides to help them. He, however, refuses to bring them home and have any relations with them. Watch Yeh Vaada Raha to know more.