Yeh Vaada Raha

Yeh Vaada Raha - Episode 138 - March 31, 2016 - Full Episode

E 138

31 Mar 2016

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Karthik gets ready to search for a new job as he beieves that he cannot work for Mehar anymore. Moments later, Survi is surprised to find Mehar in the house. She claims that she is here to take Karthik to the office. Survi ends up shocked when Mehar states that she is ready to share Karthik with her. She goes on to allot the days of the week when Karthik will be with her. Karthik enters the scene and gets furious seeing her. When he listens to Mehar's suggestions, Karthik drives her out of the house. Survi explains to Karthik that Mehar is mentally unstable and needs to be dealt with differently. She decides to inform Mehar's family of her matter but Karthik shows no concern. As he opens the door to leave the house, he finds Mehar standing there. Watch Yeh Vaada Raha to know more.