Woh Apna Sa

Woh Apna Sa - Episode 6 - January 30, 2017 - Full Episode

E 6

30 Jan 2017

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Nisha agrees to party during the day although she is aware of the prayer meet in the house. Nisha teases Aditya by displaying a revealing top and asks him if she can wear it at the prayer meet. However, Aditya only expresses his hatred for her and refuses to be threatened by her. Later, Nisha prepares to leave the house for the party but before that, she gets Neha to drop the plate of saffron that is to be used for the prayers. Later, Neha's saree catches fire and Nisha rushes to help her extinguish the fire. While, Neha is thankful to Nisha for saving her life, she stays clueless about the fact that it is Nisha, who had caused the saree to catch fire. Keep watching Woh Apna Sa to know more.