Episode 2

Episode 2

E 2

6 Mar 2019

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Isha (Richa Mukherjee) and Ira (Shruti Bisht) are two sisters who love each other very much and live in a small hill station named Dharampur with their father Shyam (Pawan Malhotra). Isha and Ira's mother Harini (Vaishnavi Macdonald) dies soon after giving birth to Ira. After Harini's death Isha treats Ira like a daughter more than a younger sister. Due to some unfortunate change of events Shyam is forced to send Isha and Ira at 'Sanskar orphanage'. Devki (Sushmita Mukherjee), the warden of Sanskar orphanage and her brother Bhola make life miserable of the children living there by their tyranny. How Isha and Ira's life takes a turn when their father abandons them and they have to live as orphans is the story of 'Silver Lining', later renamed 'Silver Lining -2'.