Service Wali Bahu - Episode 10

Service Wali Bahu - Episode 10

E 10

31 Jan 2020

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The world seems to have progressed a lot in terms of technology and views but some old rituals like 'Dowry' are still prevalent in northern India. However, it has taken a new shape. People have now realized that dowry not only traps them legal complications but also the girls who come with huge dowry are known to carry a heavy baggage of tantrums. So, a new wave is taking shape in the form dowry whereby, prospective grooms are opting for a working woman as a wife. A working daughter-in-law is beneficial as it means legalized dowry for the in-laws for the rest of their lives.This is the story of Payal who gets trapped as Service Wali Bahu . Our story deals with the highs-lows, trials-tribulations and the journey of Payal caught in this ride as Service Wali Bahu